From the Editor

Our space and aviation-themed journal covers research studies that offer solutions to the problems of both the engineering field and managerial, organizational, and operational aspects of the industry through theoretical and empirical approaches. In addition, compilation studies in the related field are also included in our journal.

The areas covered by our journal can be divided into engineering and aviation management. Research areas in engineering are determined as structural design and materials in engineering, aerospace structures, flight mechanics of aerospace vehicles, propulsion systems for aerospace vehicles, acoustics, aerodynamic, vibration, and avionics systems. On the other hand, aviation management research areas cover all theoretical and empirical studies conducted within the scope of airline management, airport management, aviation economics, aviation finance, airline marketing, aviation security, aviation safety, civil aviation transportation policies, and other aviation management subjects. Apart from these, studies on different subjects related to aviation and space sciences will be evaluated by the editor and assistant editors of our journal, and peer-review processes will be initiated for studies deemed appropriate.

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